Dollars for Scholars Letter-thon for 2023

The letter-thon is the Dollars for Scholars main fundraiser, and used to be completed as a tele-thon. We are asking business & community members to contribute what they can to help our 2023 graduates.  This time is uncertain for all, and that includes our graduating seniors who are hopeful of continuing their education and also need our help.
Letters will go out in late March to our supporters.  Please answer generously. If we are missed on our mailing list, able and willing to help in this cause, send your donation to Oelwein Dollars for Scholars, %Oelwein Community Schools, 307 8th Ave. SE, Oelwein, IA 50662.  Or, you may easily donate on the "Donate Now" page of this website.
Together we can show our high school graduates that we support them. Thank you in advance for your support.