REMINDER:  2023 SCHOLARSHIP AWARD WINNERS HAVE UNTIL JUNE 1, 2024 to claim their scholarship funds. Follow the directions in your award letter to contact Heather Bradley at Performance Rehab for disbursement.


Applying for Scholarships through Oelwein Dollars for Scholars

To become eligible for an Oelwein Dollars for Scholars Scholarship, each student must create a student profile. Based upon your profile, you may become eligible to apply for local scholarships and for scholarships from other organizations who are partnering with Scholarship America. Creating a profile and applying for a scholarship are two separate processes.

Oelwein High School Students who reside in the Oelwein Community School District can begin to create their profile at any time. If you are a graduating senior, complete a Scholarship Profile on this site now and you may begin using the site to search for scholarship possibilities through Scholarship America.  Underclassmen, you must wait until you are a senior to search for scholarships, but you are encouraged to start your profile anytime. 

If you have technical questions,  use the support tab on every page of the profile, to contact the tech assistants at Scholarship America & they will get back to you.
For questions on steps in the profile, contact DFS members Kathy Lenth (319-283-1301) or Missy Rau  (563-920-1023)  Also, Dollars for Scholars Representatives will have a HELP SESSION at the High School on March 6th from 10:45 - 12:30 to assist students with questions on their profile and look it over before you do your applying step to make sure it is complete.  Plan to stop in the conference room during that time to see them.

Getting Started Make sure you use a Dollars for Scholars "Completing the Student Profile" instruction sheet or follow the steps below as you work on your profile. If you need the "Completing the Student Porfile" sheet, see Mrs. Kane.
Below are some  general TIPS for completing your profile and applying for scholaarships.


  • Establish your password; use an email that you will keep for several years, not your school email.

  • You must complete ALL double starred questions (**) on the application to be eligible for a scholarship. Also complete as many single starred questions as possible as they help match students to specific scholarships.
  • Enter your personal and school informationinformation.

  • Include all organizations, clubs, and teams to which you belonged while you were a high school student. Update the profile as you add more activities.

  • Record and itemize jobs you held and volunteer work you performed while in high school. Again update as you have more job/volunteer experience.

  • Complete all sections to receive the most points possible.

  • Include all majors/fields of study that you are considering. 

  • The parent/guardian financial portion is not required by Oelwein Dollars for Scholars.

  • You can save your profile at any time. Return to your profile to add information or to edit.

Use the  grey Support tab at the bottom of each page  if you have technical questions.
 This will send an email to Scholarship America & they will email you back with an answer.

Transcript request -
Make your request for your transcripts from Ms. Kane after January 16, 2024 and prior to March 1, 2024.  Request your transcripts following the directions in you profile. 

         Choose someone knowledgeable about you, the internet & has email

  • Ask the person if they are willing to complete the reference portion before you use them as a reference.

  • Be proactive - alert your reference the email is coming. Follow up! Make sure they received the email.

  • Consider replacing your first reference selection if they do not reply promptly. You may use a second reference choice if needed

* You must complete two essays: Goals & Aspirations and Unusual Circumstances

         * For both, be as specific as you can without being too lengthy.
             There is no required length needed.
Generally 3-7 sentences are
             suggested to adequately complete each essay. 


Once you complete all the portions of the profile you go to the Acceptance step with directions below. You can not receive a scholarship unless this Applying step is done.

        *Click on "My Scholarships" on your front profile page.  This should bring you to additional eligibility questions you must answer.

      *After answering, click submit &  continue to My Scholarship Page.     

* After scholarships open on February 1, 2024 - click on "Verify Eligibility for all Scholarships"  , you will then see all scholarships you are eligible to apply for. NOTE - They will not show up here until after opened in the system Feb. 1st.

  *If a red highlighted "question" shows up by a scholarship, it means you have an additional question to answer. Click on that word, answer the question, & click submit. You will now see the apply button show meaning you are now eligible to apply to that scholarship.


 * After knowing that your profile is ALL completed, your best choice is to apply to all your match to, not just some. To do that, click on "Apply to all scholarships with a red apply button" at the top of the box showing all your eligible scholarships.

Submission/application close on March 14, 2024. You can apply anytime up to that date. No applications are valid after that.

       Scholarships will continue to become available while you are in high school and college - Remember your login information to your profile & check back to your profile periodically, including while you are a college student. Scholarship America does require you to change your passwork every year for security & you will see a prompt when it is time for you to do that. 
Continually update your profile with new recognitions, achievements and other positives you have achieved.
Note - be attentive to scholarship deadlines.






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