Oelwein Dollars for Scholars

Northeast Iowa Charitable Foundation Scholarship recipients


Oelwein Dollars for Scholars®, Oelwein, Iowa is a local foundation operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. It is a widely supported, non-profit, tax-exempt scholarship foundation. The Dollars for Scholars mission is to expand access to post secondary educational opportunities. We strive to involve our community in the support and encouragement of student's post secondary education. Oelwein Dollars for Scholars is a chapter affiliate of Scholarship America®, a nationally recognized non-profit student aid service organization.                                                                     


Why is Dollars for Scholars so important?

Rising costs are closing doors to higher education for many individuals in our community.  Through Dol­lars for Scholars, we have the oppor­tunity to make a strong collective statement about the importance of education beyond high school.  We can provide both encouragement and financial support for local students. 


Community Bank of Oelwein Scholarship recipient


How are funds for local awards provided?

Each year members of the Oelwein School District are invited to demonstrate their support for local students through a variety of fundraising activities. Funds also come from the generous support of local businesses, service organizations, and individuals who desire to sponsor scholarships in theiir name.

 For those who wish to establish endowed scholarships Oelwein Dollars for Scholars may be named as a beneficiary in wills and insurance policies or receive gifts of property. 


Who may apply for a Scholarship?

Oelwein Dollars for Scholars believes any eligible, graduating OHS senior should have the opportunity to continue his or her education and are encouraged to apply for a Dollars for Scholars scholarship.  Awarded scholarships can be used for two-year, four-year, vocational or technical colleges.


                                               Dan Steil Memorial Scholarship recipients


How are local scholarships awarded?

Students who are planning to further their education must complete an application/profile online at the Dollars for Scholars website (https://oelwein.dollarsforscholars.org) by the deadline date. Applications are scored anonymously on criteria established by national guidelines. Applicants receive points for their academic record, school involvement, community service, activities, and work experience.  Additionally, points are awarded for participation in all Dollars for Scholars fundraisers.  By using this point system, the selection process is objective and nondiscriminatory making scholarships available to a wide range of deserving students who plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution.

How can I help?

We encourage you to give as generously as possible.  No gift is too small, and all contributions reflect your pride in our students and your commitment to the ongoing education of the young people of our community.

We invite your help with any of our fundraising events throughout the year. We also invite you to share any ideas you have for new approaches to encourage community participation in Oelwein Dollars for Scholars.

Collectively, through Oelwein Dollars for Scholars, we have an opportunity to invest in our greatest resource, OUR YOUTH!

    Together we really can make a difference!  


                     Recipient of the American Legion Honor Guard Scholarship                         Norm DeLong Memorial Scholarship recipient


                       Recipients of Brad Ohl & Lori Ernst Ohl Scholarships                   Gene Heitz Memorial Scholarship recipient